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AOL Mail Account Recovery: Simple Steps to Regain Access

American-based AOL is a sizable provider of Internet services and video. One of the main services that AOL is renowned for is its messaging service. Users of AOL can compose, transmit, and receive emails to any other email account that is active worldwide.

AOL similarly uses a password to secure your accounts as do other email sites. To find out more about AOL services and password protection, contact the AOL phone number. Your AOL password functions as a one-of-a-kind fingerprint that you alone can establish. It safeguards your account from shady users and serves as proof of your identification for account ownership verification. I advise you to pick a secure password that consists of letters, digits, and special characters. Your account's guardian is a secure password.

Here are a few queries that people have.

  • I have a disabled AOL account; what should I do?

  • What steps should I take if my email account has been hacked?

  • Why does the Invalid Password notification keep coming up on the AOL Login screen?

An AOL password recovery walk-through will give you full details.

When an AOL mail user forgets their password for their account, they may search for information to help them log into their mail account. If you accidentally lost your AOL account password and need a step-by-step tutorial to reset it. Stop looking and start using the instructions in this piece to reset your AOL account password.

The simplest methods for recovering a phone number-based lost AOL password

  • · To start, you must navigate to the AOL mail login screen and choose "Login / Register."

  • · After that, you must enter your AOL username and select "Next."

  • · Select the Forgot your password? choice next.

  • · Next, you must enter your username and press the "Next" option.

· As a result, you must input the phone number you connected when setting up your AOL account. In addition, you have the option of selecting a distinct option based on the password recovery option you are given. then press the "Next" option.

  • Additionally, depending on how you wish to receive the confirmation code, a text message or phone call will deliver the code to your phone.

  • After that, you must enter this code into the proper field and press the "Next" button.

  • To continue, you must enter a new password for your AOL account and select "Save."

Additionally, by using your recovery email address and the methods below, you can retrieve your forgotten AOL mail password.

  • · Just click "Login / Register" on the AOL Mail login screen.

  • · After that, you must enter your AOL username and select "Next."

  • · Select the Forgot your password? choice next.

  • · Next, you must enter your username and press the "Next" option.

  • · By selecting "Try another scan," you must now enter the recovery email address.

  • · Choose "Send Reset Link" to send the link to my recovery email account after that.

Your recovery email address will receive a link to change your password in this manner; you should check your email account and click on the reset link.

They will guide you to a page where you can create a password for your AOL account, click on the Save option, and access the password reset option.

How to reset an AOL login

Here’s how to get rid of how to recover a forgotten question with an AOL password without facing a heavy load. Additionally, if you can recall your AOL email account's password and want to change it but are unsure how to proceed, you should read this article.

Steps to Change AOL Account Password

You must first use your login and password to sign in to your AOL account. Then you must navigate to the "Account Management" area, where you must choose the Password option and click on Change password. You must then choose a new password for your AOL account and confirm it after entering your existing password. In order to prevent further issues, it is also advised that you select a secure and simple-to-remember password. The Save choice must then be selected, and that's it.

In this manner, you won't have to concern yourself with how to fix the AOL login issue and can easily access your AOL account.

AOL account recovery without a phone number

In these circumstances, you can adhere to the instructions provided in How to reestablish the AOL password? Some users reach out to client service. However, this is a straightforward discussion that can be resolved on your own.

  • Access the AOL sign-in website.

  • Your email address must be entered.

  • Answer your "secret question" and click "Forgot Password."

  • Click "Change Password" under the "Account Security" heading.

  • Enter your "Old Password" here, then enter your "New Password" (choose a password you can remember for a long period), and then click "Save" to finish the password-reset procedure.

By entering your AOL account once more, you can verify whether the new password is operational or not.·

If you have successfully entered your account using a new password, which indicates that your password has been changed, this is done.

The complaints that AOL customers have submitted are listed below. For fast assistance in recovering their account password, the majority of these users call an AOL password recovery phone number.

Their questions are as follows:

  • · My AOL password is forgotten, and I don't have any fallback plans. Is there a reset option that doesn't involve contacting AOL?

  • · I want to change my password, but where does it state to do that? Is the screen vacant when you type what you see above? If I don't get any letters in the field above where I'm supposed to type them in, how do I establish a password?

  • · How can I restore my password without using my phone number since I recently changed it after deactivating the previous one for some reason?

  • · How can I reset my AOL password if it requires a contact number in the USA, which I no longer have since I relocated out of the country?

How to get your phone number back if you lost your AOL password

If you don't have an AOL-registered phone number for password recovery, you can follow the steps on "how to recover an AOL password without a phone number" below.

  • Access the AOL sign-in website. Then select "Forgot Password".

  • Enter your "Username" or "Email Address" on the password confirmation screen.

  • In the "Word In Image" box, type the image's letters and digits.

  • Press "Next."

  • Choose any of the available choices based on your knowledge.

  • Select "Submit."

  • Type in the backup email account you gave us when you registered. You can also enter your "Postal Code" after selecting "Date of Birth" from the drop-down menu and then "Gender" after selecting the "Date of Birth" you selected during registration.

  • Fill out the "Your answer" section with the response to your account security question; then click "Submit."

  • Choose and input a new password in both fields at this time.

  • Select "Submit."

Now that your password has been changed, you can attempt logging in again to see if it still doesn't work. You can always get in touch with AOL help if you're still having trouble logging into your account. However, you can get internet access there or use some helpful programs that can save your passwords for you. Keeping a list of your user IDs and passwords in a personal journal is the best method to ensure that you never forget them.

AOL Mail account recovery options can be modified.

Step 1 Register with AOL Mail. Open a web browser and navigate to When you arrive at the AOL mail login screen, enter your username and password to access your account. To proceed, click the "Login" button at the foot of the page.

Step 2 Click on Account Information. You will be directed to the main AOL mail screen, which contains your mailbox, after logging in. Find the "Options" button and click on it in the far right area of the screen, directly under your name. In the menu that appears, select "Account Information" and click once more.

Step 3 Respond to your confidential inquiry. You will be prompted to respond to a security question on a new website in order to confirm your account. Fill in the field with your secret response, then select "OK" next to it.

Step 4 Access the details for recovering your account. A new page holding all the details about your account loads after the right response. "Account Recovery Information" will be located in the centre of the screen. There are four choices there that you can modify and add to.

Step 5 Add a cell phone number. A blue "Add" button can be found just to the right of the cell phone number. It can be clicked to bring up a text field. Your cell phone number can be entered by clicking the field. (first the area code). Click the "Save" button next to the entry when you are finished.

Step 6 Include a backup phone number. If something happens to your mobile phone, you have the opportunity to enter a different phone number using Alternative Phone. Simply select "Add," type the number by clicking in the field, and then click "Save" when finished.

Step 7 Include a backup email address. First, create a new field by clicking the "Add / Change" button and enter a different email address there. Next, select "Save."

Your email account will receive an email confirming its ownership on your behalf. When you're finished with AOL, just sign in to this other email account and select the confirmation link in this email.

Step 8 Change your security question. Change it by clicking “Edit” next to the security question. This will open two boxes. The first allows you to select a question. A simple drop-down menu, just click on the field and scroll through until you find the question that suits you. Click on the box below to enter the answer to your security question. Then click the “Save” button.

Step 9 View the recently installed recovery choices. Ensure that everything is set up precisely how you want it. Scroll to the bottom and click the blue Finish button when done. Editing the AOL Mail recovery settings was effective!

Resetting your AOL Mail password

The use of password recovery has decreased on AOL and many other services. As a more secure alternative, it provides a password reset option. For this, AOL has created straightforward processes. They are periodically updated but typically involve the same procedures.

  • Go to the AOL Mail login page.

  • The next button in the AOL mailbox

  • Enter your AOL username.

Visit the Login Assistant page, enter your recovery email address or phone number, and then proceed to the next step to retrieve your AOL username if you can't recall it.

  • Choose Sign In.

  • AOL Mail login icon

  • Click the AOL Mail tab that reads "I forgot my password," then choose that option.

  • Type in your account name.

  • Click Next.

  • Type the phone number you gave when creating your account and that is linked to it.

  • Depending on which screen AOL sent you to, you can also select an alternative approach here.

  • Click Next.

  • AOL needs you to enter a verification code to confirm your identity.

  • Choose to Call me with a verification code or Yes, give me a verification code.

  • Select I do not have access to this phone if you do not have access to the phone number you entered during registration.

  • A browser window containing the customer help page and available assistance options open.

  • Please send me a letter from AOL with the confirmation number.

  • Record the confirmation code you were given over the phone or via email.

  • Select Verify after entering the verification number.

  • Confirmation button for AOL Mail

  • Type in the brand-new passcode you intend to use.

  • Select Save.

  • Enter your new password to sign into your AOL Mail account.

The best way to reset your lost AOL password without using a different email address

After entering it, select Next. Click Next to continue. You must now enter the restore phone number that is linked to your AOL account. To send a conformation code to your phone number, select "Text." As an alternative, you can choose "Call" to get a verification number. The verification code must now be entered in the "Enter code" box, and as soon as you are finished, select the "Save" button.

AOL password recovery is also possible without a phone number. The stages are as follows:

• Type your login and select "Next" from the menu.

• You should choose the "Try another test" option in the following stage.

• Click Next after selecting the Send a reset link to my recovery email account option.

• After that, an email will be sent to your recovery email account.

• To confirm your email, select "Close" and sign into your recovery email account.

• You must select the password-reset option here.

• Enter the new password one last time, then select "Save."

• You can save your new passcode.

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